Best Seville Hostels for Budget Travelers

The city of Seville in southern Spain is the capital of the Andalusian region and is a cultural and architectural treasure trove. Tourists on a tighter budget who yet want to see Spain's stunning sights go there. Hostels are an excellent option for those looking to cut costs when visiting Seville. Hostels give budget-friendly lodging options and give guests a unique opportunity to interact with and learn about the local culture. In this piece, we'll look into the top Seville hostels for low-cost vacationers, discussing their amenities, services, and recommendations for making the most of your stay. Here are the Best Seville Hostels for Budget Travelers.

Best Seville Hostels for Budget Travelers

Table of contents

  1. Understanding Seville as a Budget Traveler
  2. Benefits of Staying in Hostels
  3. Factors to Consider when Choosing a Hostel
  4. Top Seville Hostels for Budget Travelers
  5. Best Things to Do in Seville
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs

Understanding Seville as a Budget Traveler

Tourists on a restricted budget frequently travel to Seville, the dynamic capital of Andalusia in southern Spain. Seville's abundance of historical landmarks, gorgeous buildings, delectable food, and vibrant culture prove the city's affordable cost of living. You may enjoy a lovely time in Seville on a budget by using the following advice:

  • Accommodation options: Budget hotels, guesthouses, and hostels are just a few of the lodging choices available in Seville. The most economical alternative is frequently a hostel, which offers shared amenities and dorm-style rooms so you may cut expenditures on lodging without sacrificing a quality stay. Several hostels in Seville also provide private rooms for those who want more solitude and can afford it. Finally, for the best experience and deals, look for hostels with free Wi-Fi, shared kitchens, and social activities.
  • Dining options: Seville is renowned for its tapas culture, where you can eat inexpensively tasty little dishes of regional food. Neighbourhood tapas bars and restaurants may offer a menu del día (menu of the day) or set lunch option, which often provides a fixed-price meal with numerous reasonably priced dishes. Travellers on a tight budget may experience local delicacies without breaking the bank, thanks to street food sellers and marketplaces. Don't forget to sample Seville's renowned Sangria orange wine and regional sweets like churros and tapas!
  • Free and low-cost attractions: Seville has a solid cultural past and provides tourists on a budget with several free and inexpensive attractions. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Seville's historic core is free to walk around and features winding alleyways, lovely plazas, and old buildings. Visit the magnificent Alcazar, a royal residence with beautiful gardens, and the magnificent church of Seville, the biggest Gothic church in the world. Visit the vibrant Triana neighbourhood, stroll along the Guadalquivir River, and take in the breathtaking views from the Metropol Parasol, the most significant wooden structure in the world. Check the websites of local museums and attractions to see if they offer discounts or free entry on particular days or hours.
  • Transportation: Because Seville is a small city, many of its attractions are close to one another. So you may save money on transportation and have a fantastic day seeing the area by walking. Buses and trams are two of the many economical ways around Seville's massive public transit network. As Seville has several designated bike lanes and bike-sharing programs, renting a bike is another cost-effective way to explore the city. Although they might be more expensive than public transit or walking, Seville also offers taxis and ridesharing services like Uber.
  • Local experiences: Seville's lively culture and local experiences are among its attractions. Join a flamenco concert or take a free walking tour to discover more about Seville's past and present from a local guide. Andalusia is where this traditional Spanish dance first appeared. Join a cooking lesson to learn how to prepare typical Spanish cuisine, or explore nearby markets like the Triana Market or the Encarnación Market to sample the local fare. In addition, the Feria de Abril (April Fair) and Semana Santa (Holy Week), two annual festivals and activities held in Seville, provide low-cost tourists with authentic cultural encounters.

In conclusion, Seville is an excellent location for tourists on a tight budget since it provides inexpensive lodging, delectable cuisine, rich cultural activities, and gorgeous architecture. However, you may take advantage of all Seville offers without going over budget with careful planning and wise decisions. Seville offers many opportunities for budget visitors to experience and savour its rich cultural legacy, from inexpensive dining alternatives like tapas, pubs, and street food sellers to budget-friendly lodging options like hostels and guesthouses. Discover in this article Best Seville Hostels for Budget Travelers.

Benefits of Staying in Hostels

Hostels are so ordinary among budget travellers for several valid reasons. The first is that because they are frequently less expensive than hotels, hostels are an excellent choice for folks on a low budget. In addition, hostels provide reasonably priced lodging in dorms where visitors can share a room with other visitors. Finally, for a small additional price, many hostels also offer private rooms to accommodate visitors who value their privacy while travelling.

hostels seville Best Seville Hostels for Budget Travelers

Secondly, hostels provide a unique social experience for travellers. Hostels are known for their communal spaces, such as standard rooms, kitchens, and outdoor areas, where travellers can interact, share stories, and make new friends worldwide. This creates a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere where solo travellers can easily connect with fellow travellers and form lasting friendships.

Thirdly, it's ideal for budget tourists to explore the area because hostels frequently provide extra services and amenities like free Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, baggage storage, and tour booking help.

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Factors to Consider when Choosing a Hostel

It's important to consider several criteria while selecting a hostel to guarantee a relaxing and happy stay. The following are some considerations:

  1. Location: Look for hostels close to public transportation or strategically located to make visiting the city and its attractions easier.
  2. Safety: Check for hostels with proper security measures, such as lockers, CCTV, and 24-hour reception(In Seville, almost no hostels with 24h reception). Here is an article about What areas to avoid in Seville.
  3. Cleanliness: Read reviews and check for hostels with good cleanliness standards, including clean rooms, bathrooms, and common areas (also, you can understand it by their prices).
  4. Facilities: Think about the hostel's kitchen, shared spaces, and other amenities, as well as the free Wi-Fi that may be crucial to your stay. I stayed in one hostel without laundry service, which was not the best experience. I recommend paying attention to this before booking.
  5. Atmosphere: Look for hostels with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with positive reviews from fellow travellers.
  6. Price: Compare the costs of several hostels to find one that meets your needs without breaking the bank. From my experience, the prices are from 18 to 40 euros per night in budget hostels. 

Discover in this article Best Seville Hostels for Budget Travelers.

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Top Seville Hostels for Budget Travelers

Hostels in Seville are plenty for those on a tighter travel budget. Here are a few of Seville's finest hostels that won't break the bank but will nonetheless provide a comfortable night's sleep:

Oasis Backpackers' Hostel

Best Seville Hostels for Budget Travelers

Oasis Backpackers' Hostel is a popular choice among travellers due to its convenient location in Seville's old city. The hostel's shared and private rooms include air conditioning and access to the free Wi-Fi network. The hostel also has a rooftop patio with a bar, pool, and beautiful city views. The hostel also offers free walking tours, group meals, and other social events for its guests to participate in.

Book Here Oasis Backpackers' Hostel

La Banda Rooftop Hostel

La Banda Rooftop Hostel - Best Seville Hostels for Budget Travelers

You'll find the La Banda Rooftop Hostel in the hip and happening district of Alameda de Hércules. Room types at the hostel range from shared dorms to private en suites, each with distinct decor. The hostel's rooftop terrace is a major draw, thanks to its breathtaking city views, bar, and swimming pool. The hostel hosts activities like movie and music evenings for a more sociable stay.

Book here: La Banda Rooftop Hostel

The Nomad Hostel

The nomad hostel seville

Near Seville's iconic Metropol Parasol sits the Nomad Hostel, a pleasant and inviting hostel. The hostel has shared and individual rooms, each with clean, comfy mattresses and complimentary wireless Internet access. The rustic and bohemian decor of the hostel's common spaces, such as the patio and the bare room, makes for a cosy and relaxing stay. Walking tours of the city are free, and travellers can rent bicycles to get about the area.

Book here: Nomad Hostel

Triana Backpackers

Triana Backpackers

Known for its dynamic atmosphere and flamenco culture, Triana is home to the distinctive hostel Triana Backpackers. The hostel provides shared and individual accommodations with vibrant and creative decor. The hostel also features a rooftop patio with a bar and breathtaking views of the Guadalquivir River and the city skyline. Free walking tours, flamenco performances, and other cultural events are also available to hostel guests.

Book here: Triana Backpackers

Samay Hostel Sevilla

Samay Hostel Sevilla

Samay Hostel Sevilla is a budget-friendly hostel located near the Santa Justa train station, making it convenient for travellers arriving by train. The hostel offers a range of accommodation options, including dormitory rooms and private rooms, all equipped with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. The hostel has a cosy standard room, a terrace, and a communal kitchen for guests to socialize and prepare meals. The hostel also offers bike rentals, city maps, and tour booking assistance for guests to explore Seville.

Book here: Samay Hostel Sevilla

Hostel One Catedral

Hostel One Catedral

Hostel One Catedral is a lively and welcoming hostel in a convenient location. The hostel has shared and individual rooms, each with a contemporary and pleasant decor. There is a shared kitchen, a rooftop patio, and a standard room for visitors to use while staying at the hostel. In addition, guests may meet other visitors and taste local life by participating in the hostel's free walking tours, bar crawls, and other social activities.

Book here: Hostel One Catedral

Sevilla Kitsch Hostel Art

Best Seville Hostels for Budget Travelers

The Sevilla Kitsch Hostel Art is a one-of-a-kind hostel focusing on art and design. The hostel has both shared and individual rooms, both of which are decorated with original and vibrant artwork. In addition, the hostel's standard rooms, such as the patio and the bare room, are adorned with interesting and creative touches, making for a lively and enjoyable stay. Cultural activities such as art classes and concerts are also available at the hostel.

Book here: Sevilla Kitsch Hostel Art

Boutike Guesthouse Hostel

Best Seville Hostels for Budget Travelers

The hip area of Alameda de Hércules is home to the boutique guesthouse hostel. Both shared, and individual rooms are available at the hostel, and both have stylish and contemporary decor. The hostel also has a rooftop patio with a bar, pool, and amazing city views. Free walking tours, bike rentals, and other activities are just a few of the extras this hostel provides for its guests. (Recently they moved from just a hostel to Guesthouse so not any more many people rooms are a bit more expensive but much more comfortable)

Book here: Boutike Guesthouse Hostel

Black Swan Hostel Sevilla

Black Swan Hostel Sevilla -

Located in the heart of beautiful Seville, the Black Swan Hostel Sevilla is a hip and contemporary hostel. Both shared, and individual accommodations at this hostel are tastefully decorated in a modern style. The hostel's standard rooms, such as the common room and the terrace, have a hipster and modern aesthetic that makes for a fun and laid-back stay. In addition, guests may taste the local culture with the free walking tours, flamenco shows, and other cultural activities the hostel offers.

Book here: Black Swan Hostel Sevilla

Hostel One Centro

Best Seville Hostels for Budget Travelers

Hostel One Centro is convenient in the city's heart, and its staff is always happy to see guests. Both shared, and individual accommodations at the hostel are well-appointed and efficient. In addition to a common area, a patio, and a kitchen, this hostel is ideal for meeting fellow visitors and making new friends. Furthermore, guests may take advantage of the free walking tours, tapas tours, and other activities the hostel offers while in the city.

Book here: Hostel One Centro

Best Things to Do in Seville

Best Seville Hostels for Budget Travelers


In conclusion, Seville offers a range of excellent hostels that cater to budget travellers. There are plenty of options, from lively and social hostels with rooftop terraces and bars to cosy and artistic hostels with unique interiors. When selecting a hostel, consider location, safety, facilities, atmosphere, and price to find the one that best fits your needs and budget.


Are these hostels safe for solo travellers?

Yes, these hostels have good reviews for safety and security measures, including 24-hour reception, lockers, and CCTV surveillance.

Do these hostels offer free Wi-Fi?

Yes, most of these hostels offer free Wi-Fi for guests to stay connected during their stay.

Are private rooms available in these hostels?

Yes, most of these hostels offer private rooms in addition to dormitory rooms for travellers who prefer more privacy.

Do these hostels organize social events or activities?

Yes, many of these hostels organize social events such as walking tours, pub crawls, flamenco shows, and art workshops for guests to socialize and experience the local culture.

Can I book tours or activities through these hostels?

Yes, many of these hostels offer assistance with booking tours and activities in Seville to help guests make the most of their stay.

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